The Face of Your Property
Nothing makes a residential or commercial property stand out quite like a beautiful, well-kept yard. Being such an essential part of a property, every lawn requires a lot of time and maintenance to keep it looking its finest.

Seeing as so much work is required, it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

For over 5 years, North Georgia Lawn has provided excellent landscaping and lawn care services to the Johns Creek area. We take care of everything for you and leave each yard looking fresh and pristine every time, guaranteed.

Landscape Design
One of the main things that separates North Georgia Lawn apart from other companies is our focus on the planning stage. Using advanced 3D software, we’ll provide a model of your unique landscape design to help you visualize the beauty of your future yard layout.

Once the design is in place, we get to work in bringing that visual to life with our wide range of services and installations, which cover every landscaping need.

One of the main services we offer is tree, sod, and plant installation. These landscaping features give every yard that extra aesthetic flourish it needs to quickly take it from mundane to stunning.

Year-Round Services
Our high-quality services are offered year-round, with each season dedicated to a particular service.

• March to October is our busy season where we focus primarily on trimming, pruning, lawn mowing, and fertilizing.

• Once the colder weather hits, we switch over to weed targeting for your driveway and sidewalks.

• Toward the end of the winter, we begin to prep your trees and plants for the spring trimming and pruning time.

Customer Experience
To help complete the overall experience for our clients, at North Georgia Lawn we pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service and accessibility throughout the year. To join the ranks of our satisfied clientele, contact North Georgia Lawn today!

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