Lawn Sprinkler Spraying Water on GrassFall is one of the most beautiful times of the year. For many, it’s the start of the new school year, which means a renewal of studying, driving kids to school, and another new beginning. For others, it’s the year winding down into winter and the holiday season. And for some, it’s the time to regret the time you didn’t spend outside, playing in the grass, and enjoying the weather. But, when fall comes around, it’s a sign for another thing as well: time for the maintenance of your sprinkler system. A sprinkler system can sometimes be a very fickle creature, but with the right care, the right tips, and a friendly maintenance professional, a sprinkler system can become a useful and necessary tool to keep your lawn green. To prepare for the next spring and summer, here are a few tips to prepare for the cold and lawn-less winter.

Does it work?

Firstly, check to see whether or not your sprinkler system actually works. You should probably be able to tell if you have a patchy bunch of grass, but check the sprinkler heads as well. See whether or not any of the heads are blocked, either by the buildup of sediment by a wall or another impediment. When checking this, be sure that the sprinkler heads are pointed to the plants that you would like to water. Otherwise, your sprinkler system could be washing a wall…over and over again.


Second, look around your landscape to check if there are any odd things that may indicate a broken sprinkler system. If you have one area that seems to be over-watered, check to make sure that your sprinkler line doesn’t have a leak. If one area seems to get less water than another, make sure that line isn’t broken or blocked.


watering cropsThe most important thing to deal with in the fall is the winterization of your sprinkler system. Empty your sprinkler system of water and turn it off. If you fail to empty it before the first freeze, your sprinkler system will be in a world of hurt. Be sure to check your back flow (if you have an automatic sprinkler system) as it is required by law to have a yearly check. These checks are important, especially because a broken back flow system can lead to some serious problems. Be sure to check our services for irrigation maintenance, and for help with the winterization of your sprinkler system. A trained expert can really help with these checks to ensure that your sprinkler system will survive the cold, wintery season.

For your sprinkler system’s health, be sure to pay attention to warning signs of a broken sprinkler system. When the cold comes, and it always does, your sprinkler system can create a lot of problems for your home. To have an enjoyable fall to spring season, and to make it easier to get that beautiful lawn up and running, be sure to follow the above tips and to ask your irrigation maintenance provider for an annual check-up for your sprinkler system and your back flow system. Call North Georgia Lawn today for help with your sprinkler system!

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