Nightscape Lighting

North Georgia Lawn: Premium Landscape Lighting Installation & Design Services For Your Outdoor Living Spaces

At North Georgia Lawn, it’s not enough to deliver cutting-edge residential and commercial landscapes our clients can enjoy all year long; as a leading property care and maintenance provider, we make it our mission to provide outdoor solutions that our customers can also enjoy all night long. At North Georgia Lawn, we create, install, and maintain a full scope of landscape lighting design solutions that help home and business owners optimize enjoyment of their outside living spaces.

North Georgia Lawn's specialists can transform your yard with lighting strategies in several exterior areas, such as:

Whether you’re looking to accent a single hardscape, or need a comprehensive solution for a full-scale patio illumination, North Georgia Lawn has the talent, experience, and skill to get the job done, on-time and on-budget!

The Benefits Of Professional Landscape Lighting

Partnering with North Georgia Lawn for a customized outdoor lighting layout offers home and business owners an extensive range of benefits, including:

Have gorgeous sitting areas that just don’t get used after sunset? We can help. North Georgia Lawn’s trained lighting professionals will create a specific layout that illuminates your outdoor seating setup for increased comfort and convenience.
Nothing sets the mood for an event like soft, relaxing outdoor lighting. At North Georgia Lawn, our lighting professionals will design an innovative layout based on your specific property shape and existing hardscapes. We’ll install quality lighting systems that display your beds and gardens as well as showcase the features on your property that deserve a little extra attention.
Spending time outside in the dark can sometimes increase the chance of injury. North Georgia Lawn will light walkways, sidewalks, garages, entryways, and other high traffic areas to help guests navigate through these spots safely. Our specialists can even create zone lighting around patios, pools, and decks to keep all of your outdoor spaces safe.
Even when you’re not spending time outside at night, a well-lit property offers a sense of security to anyone inside the home or office. North Georgia Lawn can develop a lighting plan that includes motion detectors throughout your property. These yard spotlights instantly light up whenever they sense something moving on your property to not only deter would-be trespassers but also deliver peace of mind.
Put simply, North Georgia Lawn’s landscape lighting solutions look great. Our installations instantly boost overall curb appeal, deliver a warm, inviting atmosphere, and beautify the entire exterior of your property.

Ready To Let North Georgia Lawn Shed Some Light On Your Outdoor Living Spaces?

At North Georgia Lawn, we offer Georgia home and business owners access to no-risk, no-pressure services and solutions. We’ll gladly provide a complimentary property consultation to discuss lighting options on your property. Contact the team today to hear more!

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