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North Georgia Lawn: Comprehensive Tree & Shrub Care

At North Georgia Lawn, we know your property’s trees and shrubs have their own unique care needs. Home and business owners often consistently care for their lawns, but only tend to larger plantings when there’s a noticeable issue. A reactive care approach to trees and shrubs can have severe consequences for residential and commercial landscapes. Unlike grasses that develop quickly, larger ornamental plantings mature at much slower pace.

Delayed maturity means two critical things for property owners:

Don’t wait until it’s too late to protect the plants in your yard. Partner with North Georgia Lawn. Since 2002, we’ve offered home and business owners throughout the region year-round, proactive tree fertilization and shrub care that restores, repairs, and reinvigorates all live landscapes.

Our Effective 7-Step Program Delivers Results

At North Georgia Lawn, we make it our mission to help your trees and shrubs grow to their full potential. Our innovative and effective tree care service offers treatments explicitly designed to eliminate insects, ward off disease, and promote healthy, thriving landscapes.

North Georgia Lawn’s 7-phase process means we tend to your commercial and residential process year-round. Our technicians will provide service appointments for:

North Georgia Lawn begins service with a slow-release tree and shrub fertilization treatment in early spring to fight off any residual damage, nourish roots, and control pests. We keep working right through winter to apply dormant oils that prepare your landscapes to fight off any colder-weather diseases and infestations. Most importantly, North Georgia Lawn’s team of experienced and skilled landscape professionals are trained in all regional tree and shrub species to ensure we apply the best possible product to each individual plant for optimal results.

Tree & Shrub Installation

North Georgia Lawn doesn’t just care for and maintain your existing trees and shrubs; we also offer full-scale landscape installation services as well. Whether you’re looking to add new plantings to your property layout or need to brainstorm ideas for new construction, North Georgia Lawn will consult with you throughout your project to develop a personalized planting install you’ll love.

No Contracts, No Upsells, No Pressure

At North Georgia Lawn we pride ourselves on building professional relationships with our clients based on honesty, integrity, and trust. We offer our expertise and insight, but always allow our clients to decide what works best for their needs, vision, and budget. No contracts, no upsells, no pressure – that’s the North Georgia Lawn Difference.

North Georgia Lawn's Customer Referral Program

Have a friend you’d like to refer to North Georgia Lawn? Our client referral program offers $20 off your first service with us for new customers or a $25 credit for existing customers. Contact us today to hear more!

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