Help Your Yard Beat the Summer Heat

When the warm weather sets in, there is nothing better than enjoying outdoor time with your family. This year, you’re probably looking forward to yard games, barbecues, and family parties at your home. If you’re not careful, though, that same sun that you’ve been anticipating could end up scorching your beautifully manicured lawn. Here are some tips and tricks to ensure that your yard remains a green oasis this summer.


Revive Your Backyard with these Landscaping Tips

A backyard is one of the most coveted things for those who don’t have one. With the ability to take refreshment in the backyard, surrounded by friends and family and with a grill going in the background, it’s a little bit of paradise that you can own. But over time, backyards can become overgrown with rusted elements, weeds, and broken wooded elements. If you want to keep your backyard in pristine condition, or to revive it from its unfortunate state, here are a few landscaping tips to make sure your backyard looks beautiful!


Tips on Planning a New Landscape Design

A beautifully designed landscape can transform your yard into a beautiful backyard escape for you and your family. But designing your own landscape plans in Suwanee is no easy task. It takes time, preparation, careful consideration, and a lot of work–and that doesn’t even include actually implementing your landscape plan! If you want to design your own landscape from the ground up, here are a few tips for you to follow. But if it becomes overwhelming, contact one of our experienced landscape designers to make the task easier.


Before completing plant design installation, we recommend doing some groundwork. Consider the following 5 tips to create the perfect design for any spring garden.

Gather Ideas

Start gathering ideas during the winter by sifting through garden magazines, catalogs, and websites to find ideas. Throughout this process, keep a notebook nearby to write down ideas, too. If one of our clients sees a flower that they like, we tell them to find out what it is or take a picture of it. Then they keep all of their ideas in one place and show us when they meet with us.

Make a Plan

Draw out a picture of the landscape and include any landmarks or architectural structures that already exist. Then consider what activities will take place in the space. Include a swing set or other play equipment for children, or add a dining area for entertaining guests. Some of our clients find it helpful to take a picture of the space, print the picture out, and write out ideas right on the picture to help envision how things will look.

Consider the Layout

Just because one area is super shady and another area gets direct sunlight all day long doesn’t mean that they can’t be used in the design. Even flat and steep areas of the yard can be incorporated into the design. We know which plants will thrive in each area, so every part of the yard can look its best.

Stray from Rows

Some people purchase flowers and start planting them in rows. Don’t do it! Instead of rows, consider grouping perennials in sets of 3 and annuals in sets of 12. Of course, more of each plant can be included in the design.

Mix Things Up

Don’t be afraid to mix things up to create a beautiful design. Vegetables don’t have to stay in a vegetable garden. Many vegetable plants are colorful, which makes them great to add to any garden. Also, roses and herbs don’t have to be segregated from the rest of the plants. Mix things together to create a unique design. Try juxtaposing spiky and tall plants with soft and short ones. Mix large bold flowers with small delicate ones. Consider adding fragrant plants, too.

Before starting plant design installation, take a step back and think about it. We can help you create the perfect landscape for a spring garden. With the plan in mind, we can help plant and nourish the design to keep it healthy and thriving throughout the year.